Which is Better: Being A Child or Experiencing Your Twenties?

Now that I’m in my 20’s I’m starting to sit back and think about everything in my life up to this point. More specifically, I like to compare how much my life has changed since then. Believe me, a lot has changed. It is crazy to see how some things have changed drastically and other things have only changed ever so slightly. I think it is easiest understood by explaining what is almost always a given at each age and compare. Granted, this is not going to be applicable to every single individual, but is applicable to most people at the ages specified.

As a child you have the best of both worlds. You have zero responsibilities. You don’t have any bills. There are no meetings to get to or a job you have to report to, you’re living the life. The only thing you’re required to attend is school, which isn’t that hard of a task. Granted, school could’ve been hard for most children, but for some reason I zoomed through with little to no issues. When it comes to being the 20-something year old I am now, I’m torn between if it is the greatest or the worst. To start off, I have bills now – expensive bills – which I didn’t have as a child which kind of makes me not want to be so old anymore. Everything you do is expensive and everything costs money. However, when you’re in your 20’s or later you’re able to make the money in order to pay for those things. Its cool to work and see your payoff, literally. And then you can spend your money how you want because you’re the one who made it. There are no rules either which is pretty great. There is a pretty good chance you are almost, if not completely independent at this point which is a great accomplishment. You make the decisions that are best for you and you’re the one who is left with the consequences. I think the best part of growing up has to be finding out who you truly are. I get it, it sounds super cheesy. Its just cool to really see how you make decisions and how you see yourself.

When I try to compare which I enjoyed more, it’s hard. It’s hard to determine which is better : to be free of responsibilities and maintain your innocence or to have the freedom to be you and discover who you truly are? I’m sure I’ll never really get to the bottom of it, or if there is even a definitive answer to that question. All I can say is that I’m learning to appreciate life no matter which stage I’m in, and you should too.


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