What’s the Truth About Being A Twin?

So by now you can gather a couple things about me based off of what I choose to write about. It’s pretty obvious that I enjoy traveling, make-up, all things PR, and wine. What you may not know about me without knowing me personally, is that I’m a twin. It’s true – if you couldn’t get enough of me already, there is a carbon copy of me. Now being a twin is and is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes its great, other times it can be frustrating. I’m going to try my best to give you a glimpse into the life of being a twin.

So let’s start off with the obvious – the good. Honestly, what’s better than having a built in best friend? I’ll answer that – absolutely nothing. I never had to do the awkward ‘let’s make friends with this other kid so hopefully they’ll end up sharing their toys with me’ in Kindergarten. We mostly formed a twin alliance which unintentionally intimidated other kids into pretty much letting us have the toys if we wanted them. Another great thing is I always have an active soundboard. She doesn’t get to not listen to me. It’s her job as my twin sister to be there and listen to me tell the same story about a cute guy 6 times in a row. It’s just twin code to be there whether she wants to or not. It’s silly to think that she is just going to put up with being talked at though because she is practically the same person as me. You know my sass and sarcasm? That’s right. She mirrors that just as well. The thing is after I’ve told her the same story about the cute guy over and over again, she has no problem telling me when I going head first into time number 7, that she hasn’t paid attention to the last 6. That’s the thing, we have a level of honesty that is out of this world. It can be brutal or the most heartbreaking, sweet comment, but either way it’ll be told. There’s no such thing as boundaries or privacy with us. But let’s be real for a second, the absolute best part about being a twin is tricking other people into believing you are the other twin. It’s great to just mess with people and see how confused they get.

But being a twin isn’t all that great at times. Just like it’s all fun to intentionally confuse people, it is only that much more annoying when people do it on their own and don’t realize it. There are very few things as frustrating as constantly being called the other twin’s name or being confused with them. Contrary to popular belief, Melissa and I are not the same person. We don’t think the exact same, we don’t feel the same, we don’t act the exact same. It’s important to realize that yes, we have a lot in common but it does not make us the exact same. Individuality is hands down the hardest thing to obtain as a twin. It really is probably the most sought after thing for someone in our situation. You spend a lot of time convincing others that you don’t share a brain and you can think for yourself.

Being a twin means a lot of things, but most of all it means to me that I’m special. I feel so lucky to be someone who can experience what life is like to have someone who is your best friend and twin sister combined. But when it honestly comes down to it, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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