What I’ve Learned on My Journey as a PR Major.

So you hear of the career “Public Relations”, do you know what that entails? According to Renee Blodgett, “public relations in its true sense is about human connections and the art of mastering human connections at a deep level. In the early days of PR, it was about relationships with not just the press but communities in various forms – the difference was that these audiences were not online. When played from a place of passion and purpose, public relations in the new world will not only take social media, branding and marketing to the next level, but will elevate the people and products that are changing the world.” Public relations these days is so much more than its traditional definition. With a public relations degree, you can land jobs like a publicist, corporate spokesperson, copywriter, media planner, event coordinator, investor relations, etc. Now this sounds like a fun career path, but there are many things that you don’t know when going into the field. Now I can’t speak from personal experience because I’m not an actual public relations professional yet, but can let you know a little bit about what it’s taken for me to get here and what I know won’t change over time.

  1. You’ll have absolutely no time. Right now I have it pretty tame. I write about ten different piece of copy a week. Some longer than others, but nonetheless ten pieces of copy to write can be a little daunting at times. I know that if I choose something in the copywriting or publishing section of public relations I need to snap myself out of it and realize that 10 pieces of copy is a breeze. I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh about when I thought I had it rough in college.
  1. All of your copies will start to sound the same. Now I’m getting assigned many diverse and different topics to write about each week, but I still find it hard to not have them all sound the same. Since I’m working on many at once, I think it confuses my brain into merging them all together. I definitely need to devote more time in learning how to spice up my writing.
  1. You’re going to edit, and re-edit, and edit again. Basically, you’re going to edit so much that when you think you’re done, you’re going to have to edit it some more. Your final copy is going to be edited so much that you should be surprised if it sounds anything close to your original. However, all of the editing is necessary. The good thing is that the more that is edited, the more you learn how to better your writing skills and approach.
  1. You have to be extremely good at multitasking. Public relations is no joke when it comes to multitasking. You are without a doubt going to have a million and one things that you have to be working on and managing at once. It’s literally your job to make sure it gets sorted out and completed before a deadline. That’s why you get paid. You can’t afford to drop the ball. Make sure you have that skill mastered before stepping foot in a public relations role.

As I go through my time in college pursuing a degree in public relations, I’m sure I’ll learn many more tips and tricks. However, right now I’m working on learning how to hone my skills in the categories listed above. Once I have those down, I will be ready and more than willing to tackle more. One thing is clear, I cannot wait until I get to show off my skills in the real world. Lookout out, public relations world!




Image courtesy of pixabay.com


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