Why Galentine’s Day is Clearly the Best Holiday…

It’s here. Commence the freak out. The holiday you’ve all been waiting for.

That’s right —  Galentine’s Day.


Galentine’s is single handedly the best holiday out there. Now in case you didn’t know, Galentine’s is the Anti-Valentine’s Day. It is the day, or in my case, weekend to spend with my girls. Coming from a serial-single person, it’s nice to be able to celebrate a normal couple dominated holiday, but put my own spin on it. Below are some reasons, as if you didn’t already know, to convince you of the greatness that is Galentine’s Day.

  1. Freaking GIRL POWER! It highlights all the great aspects of being a female. You get to be proud of being independent and being able to hold your own. It’s the chance to celebrate your friendships and the people in your life. It also goes against the grain and challenges the concept that you need a man to be happy.
  1. Wine, wine, and more wine. I don’t really feel like I have to elaborate, but I will. There are things like red, white and even flavored chocolate covered strawberry wine. Have you ever heard of anything more glorious?
  1. There are no rules. So you want to wear pajamas and not put on makeup? Your friends aren’t going to judge you because you don’t want to put pants on at all that day – go for it. In fact, they might even cheer you on. Same goes for if you want to dress more provocatively, they’ll be the ones to tell you you look hot and to work that outfit with confidence.
  1. You have someone who will debate with you whether you hate or love being single this year. Sometimes you are loving the single life and being able to go out and not have to worry about your boyfriend being overprotective and wondering what you’re doing every minute of the day while you’re out. Other times, you might just have to cry in your box of chocolates about how you’ll go yet another year without a potential suitor.
  1. Genuine time together. What’s honestly better than being able to have girl time to talk and support each other. In my case, my best friends live over 250 miles away so this is my way of being able to see them and share that time with them. Its something I look forward to every year.
  1. CHEAP CHOCOLATE THE DAY AFTER. To be quite honest, this should be at the top of the list. This might be the best part of the whole holiday. It’s great to binge eat an entire bag of chocolate after your Galentine’s hangover. It is a fundamental step to really wrap up the weekend.


Alana Stewart said it best by saying, “”Men come and go — God knows they certainly have in my life — but girlfriends are forever.”


Image courtesy of pixabay.com


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