The Importance of Traveling

If you could go anywhere, where would you choose to go? Money, responsibility of planning aside, where would be your ideal destination? What makes you want to go there? Is it the mountains? The sandy beaches? The culture or the food? What makes your number one destination so appealing?

Speaking from experience, traveling is so very important. If given the slightest chance, I would tell anyone to make a way to travel. Traveling does not have to be out of the country, but rather you can travel to another state or city even. There are oh so many things to benefit from when you travel that you wouldn’t have the chance to if you do stay at home or within your comfort zone. For obvious reasons, you should travel because it is nice to get a break and to get away from the monotony, or busyness rather, of your everyday life. It’s nice to see and experience a place you haven’t had the chance to yet. One of the most important reasons to travel is because it definitely increases your knowledge. Just by visiting a place you haven’t already been to before vastly expands your knowledge. Furthermore, it teaches you responsibility. Your responsibility may come from planning the getaway from the get go. You have to make sure you have all of the details in place before heading off to your destination because it is not wise to go with the flow in an unfamiliar place. You also learn very quickly, by basically being thrown in, how to navigate around a new place. That speaks volumes about your adaptability. I think one of the biggest piece of information you get from traveling is the differences in the cultures. Whether you are traveling hundreds or thousands of miles, you are bound to come across someone who does something different than you. Not only does traveling make you more sensitive about other people’s social or cultural cues, it also makes you appreciate their culture as well as your own.

As stated above, given the chance I would encourage everyone to travel in some way. It will make a world of difference in how you see both yourself and others. Once you travel and have those experiences, you have a new piece of knowledge that can never be taken from you. So get out there and make a way for yourself. Find a way to make your dream of traveling into reality and watch yourself grow.


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