What I Really Learned at College


College is fun. College isn’t called the best time of your life for nothing. It’s where you make lifetime friends. Its where you have nights you won’t remember. Its where you have a cramped room with someone random who is going through the same things you are. Its where you are pushed out of your comfort zone and challenged to find out who you are.

College is stressful. College is full of papers, quizzes, and exams. Its cramming a year’s worth of classes and studying into a couple of weeks. Its grades and feedback. Its great grades and terrible grades.

College is EXPENSIVE. No joke, college is a lot of money. You’ll be paying for college for the rest of your life – at least that’s what it feels like. You’ll spend your time paying for college or working to actually receive money for college. You need a book for a class? That’ll be $200+ for a bunch of sheets of paper glued together that you’ll never even open.

College is being busy. ALL.THE. TIME. You’re forced to attend classes. When you’re not in class, you’re studying for said class. What little social life you have occupies the rest of vacant minutes you have. It’s balancing everything you need to attend or do in a planner to survive. And if you go greek, kiss the extra minutes goodbye.


College is whatever you make it – make those four years count.


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