You’ve got mail – but will you actually read it?

You open your email and what do you see? There are always a couple of work emails, maybe some school emails, but if your email is like anyone else’s, it is probably incredibly cluttered with emails from different websites advertising many various products. It’s no doubt that companies use, and arguably overuse email advertising. Using email campaigns to get your message out to your clients and customers can be either good or bad. If your campaign is catchy you have a better chance of being successful. If you’re not grabbing your recipient’s attention, to the trash you go.


There are many pros and cons when it comes to using email campaigns. For starters, if you use email, you are getting your information out to a large amount of people with minimal effort. That’s pretty cool, but honestly how effective is it? Like mentioned above, if their campaign doesn’t catch your eye it will immediately be moved to the trash folder. Just like that your effort will be worthless. In addition, I would almost feel comfortable in saying that email is quickly starting to take the backburner. People like things that are accessible and things that take very little process. In today’s world we have many other outlets that can get you the news and information quicker and in a simpler format that is just as catchy. At this point, I don’t think email campaigns are the wisest form of output for companies.


Now this is strictly my opinion and with that being said, I don’t speak for everyone. There could be many people out there that are still on email bandwagon. People are going to use what they want to get their message out. If you want someone who is progressive to see your campaign, leave the email behind.


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