Are you LinkedIn?

If you are at all in touch with the world right now, you would have heard or maybe even have a LinkedIn profile. Forget about Facebook as the go to to stay connected with business partners or college colleagues.  Enter LinkedIn. It’s a great way to have that network while in a professional platform. It’s a multipurpose website that caters to the common professional.

LinkedIn and public relations professional go hand in hand. In the PR field, your main focus is connecting with an audience or potential client. It’s perfect for PR professionals to network their way to another client or job opportunity. It has many uses for everyone to use. LinkedIn offers the ability to create a profile. This profile has loads of information like where you studied, what you’re involved in, previous employers/jobs, and possible career opportunities. I think the job search option is great because you have an easy way for them to access your information in a profession setting. LinkedIn is able to be tailored how you would like to be perceived. You can make your profile look as simple or elaborate as you would like. You can be as discrete or as involved as you would like. The versatility truly makes it a great asset to any professional.

Personally, I have a LinkedIn profile but I rarely use it. To me, it’s not all that user-friendly. There are a lot of different options that can get rather in depth in the process. I don’t know if it has to do with the lack of extracurricular activities I have, but I think my profile comes off as boring and lacks the eye catching qualities needed. I know that once I get out of college and start the big job search, I might have a little more activities to add under the profile. I’m sure if I put more effort into sprucing up my profile I might enjoy it a little more. Until then, as much as I hate to admit it, catch you later Linked In!


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