Where do you look for the most up to date information? Some would say that they look to the news. I’m fairly confident to say that most people look to social media outlets to get the most updated information. Within seconds, you have an article, a picture, or a status update of the most recent information. Facebook and Twitter are great resources for staying up to date. Even if it’s not all that informational, at least it’s entertaining and helps pass the time.


As a public relations professional, you can really use Facebook and Twitter to your benefit. Since so many people look to Facebook and Twitter to get their information, that is a great asset to individuals in the public relations field. It is beneficial for clients to hire a PR professional to run or jumpstart their social media accounts because they can get your information and message out in the most accessible way possible. The best thing too, is that Facebook and Twitter aren’t regional, they’re global. Facebook and Twitter is accessible throughout the world. Essentially, your information or product could go worldwide in seconds. I can’t think of a better tool to reach out to your audience.


Facebook and Twitter are really like the Swiss army knife of the public relations world. They have many uses and can be used in many different scenarios. If the public relations professionals are wise, they would jump on the this epidemic as soon as possible and watch the followers flock.


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