Pin and Post It!

When thinking about which social media outlets people use these days, some come to mind. You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Arguably, Pinterest and Instagram are the most popular. There’s a good chance that at any moment you can look at a twenty-something year old female, and they’re on Pinterest or Instagram – or in my case, maybe even both! When it comes to social media outlets, they have a handful of purposes. With Pinterest, they have options to pin things that interest you to certain specified ‘boards’. It’s a good use for people to post things, products, and projects on there for other people to see and then ‘pin’ to the designated board. In Instagram’s case, you post picture of yourself, scenery, a product, really anything, and then add a caption. After you have what you want, you then post it.


Pinterest and Instagram are great Public Relations tools. They’re all about pushing out a product or getting information out via pictures. What better way to get your message out then to go somewhere are populated as those social media outlets. If you look at a celebrities Instagram, they have a massive following. Kylie Jenner, for example, has over million followers. Now on one her posts that is advertising a product, think of how many people see that on their feed? In her post from March 28, she posted a picture of a Bulgari Purse. There was no on in the picture, it was just the purse. In that picture alone, she had over 1 million views. Can you imagine the good that could be done if people used their social media outlets for a positive change? That is why social media is a good Public Relations tool.


I think it would be beneficial to move everyone’s social medias to be more positive. Too often these days, when you sign in to anything you are hit with only the bad. It’s hard to have a good outlook on life if we are constantly surrounded by the negative. I would love to see what Public Relations Professionals can do to turn that around.


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