Battle of the Blogs : Good Blogs vs. Bad Blogs

When looking at something on the internet, what catches your eye first? Is it the wording, the ads, the pictures? For me, it is a combination of many things. I’m mainly drawn to the pictures first because i’m a visual person. However, the first line alone in a blog can be enough to have me hooked and reading the entire article or purchasing the product mentioned.

It is so important, in today’s time to be appealing. The market these days are used solely on wrapping people in through the internet because it is the easiest, most accessible way. If your content is not up to par, you will not be able to get your message across. Visuals. Are. Everything.

In this specific blog post of mine, I will be comparing two different blogs. The first is ‘She’s in the Glow’ and the second is ‘The Worst SEO Blog Ever’ – charming, right? When opening both blogs I knew immediately which one was right up my alley. Now, I won’t lie and say i’m not biased, but the beauty blog won hands down for me. But given those two options, anyone would have the same response. They are two vastly different blogs.

To start off, let’s discuss the differences in the names. “She’s in the Glow’ is fun and unique. You can tell it’s catchy and is a play on words. On the other hand, “The Worst SEO Blog Ever’ immediately sets you up to think it’s the worst blog because – HELLO – it’s in it’s name. Its hard to shake the stigma that comes with the second blog because it gives you the idea before even reading it’s content that it’s not going to be any good.

Secondly, their home pages are very different. With “She’s in the Glow’, it’s captivating from the homepage alone. They have their own logo and they have a ton of pictures of the beauty bloggers and products they’re promoting. With “The Worst SEO Blog Ever”, there’s nothing really all that special or stands out about their blog. It’s all one color and there are no pictures or visual additions to help spice the blog up.

Content. Content. Content. You would think i’d put this first because it is so incredibly important. In “She’s in the Glow’, they have content that is geared to makeup lovers – which is just about every female on planet Earth right now. Like stated above, I may be biased when it comes to beauty blogs because I love makeup, but I think anyone would be interested in this blog regardless because it is informational but also a great read. In the case of ” The Worst SEO Blog Ever”, the content is just that. It seems like the blogger is just rambling about random things. There is no purpose or specific audience the blogger is trying to reach from what I can tell. It really makes it difficult to focus on the content if it doesn’t pertain to you.

When it comes to blogging, it’s easy to see that the more effort you put in to your blog, the better it will be. With the internet being a huge marketing tool now, it wouldn’t hurt to know the fundamentals of making a decent blog. The whole purpose of a blog is to have people listen to what you want to say. So do some research, study some great blogging techniques, and happy writing!


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