The Dreaded Statement for College Students : So, Tell Me About What You Want for Your Future.

When asked about what you want for your future, the response is usually the same for most college students – utter panic. If you think about it, every college student starts out as a 18 year old who is expected to know what they want to get out of college, their future career, their life. I know for me personally, I had no idea what I wanted out out college, and I honestly still fully don’t. It’s crazy that they expect you to know what you want at 18 when just under five years ago you were still in middle school and unable to get behind the wheel.

It may seem like people enter college knowing exactly where they want to go in life. The truth is, most people change their major 2 or 3 times or even more in their time in college. I believe its the experiences you have in college that really help you determine what you want to do with the rest of your life. College is about finding out who you are and who you want to be.

With myself approaching my senior year of college I’d like to think that i’ve figured out what I want after college. Currently, I’m a Public Relations/Communication Major who is minoring in Marketing. I’m hoping to eventually move to a larger city to work for a company as part of their PR/Marketing Team.  I have my people-focused mindset from many lines of family members who were all self proclaimed people-person(s). I think being around family members who don’t know a stranger has really helped shaped me into the future PR professional I am today.

Honestly, all of my ideas and aspirations can change tomorrow. I’m learning to go with the flow and go with whatever I’m feeling in the moment. I think the best way to live life is the way you want to and today – I want to be a Public Relations Professional.



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